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Another state blogged, if briefly. Phone blogging just not the same.

South Dakota

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From iPhone, part of my series of blogging from new states (not that I am actually blogging these days).

what happens when i forsake automation

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Final grades were posted yesterday at 3pm. Within an hour I had an e-mail from a student who received an e-mail saying I gave her a B-minus when she should have gotten an A. She was right. For this class with 120 students, I had a portion of grading that was based on taking the top X out of Y scores.

You can’t do this in Northwestern’s Online Grading Center, I just calculated this part in Excel and entered in the totals by hand, ignoring the suggestion of a friend to figure out how to upload a column from Excel into the Grade Center, because I couldn’t be troubled to figure out such complicated technology when my way was easy enough. Problem was, I transposed two students totals when doing the data entry, so this woman got an official grade of B-minus when she deserved an A and another student got an official grade of B+ when he deserved a C.

So, it’s one thing to change a grade when a student deserves a higher grade than what they got, but how to handle telling somebody that the B+ on their report card is going to be changed to a C? I was going to ask y’all for advice, but then I could figure out how to compose the message myself. (more…)


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Let me say it again, below the jump. (more…)


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My genome is in process!

Dear Jeremy Freese,

Sample received for: Jeremy Freese

The spit sample you recently submitted to 23andMe for the person listed above has been received by the laboratory and is now pending analysis; the process usually takes approximately 10 weeks. You will receive another email notification from us as soon as the data for this sample are ready to be accessed through your 23andMe account.

In the meantime, we invite you to get involved in cutting-edge science by logging in and taking research surveys in our 23andWe feature […] . You can also explore the rest of our Personal Genome Service using the genetic data of our example family, the Mendels.

The 23andMe Team

hello, columbus!

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Writing from a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio. I’m worried I used the Cincinnati airport to cross Ohio off my states-from-which-I-blogged list before I realized it was in Kentucky. So now I have Ohio covered either way.

Why don’t I blog from my office anymore? I am LeechBlocked out of posting to this blog from my office. I keep thinking that I want to turn it off and return to blogging, as I miss feeling more a part of A Blogging Community. The problem is that I also turned off how to turn it off.


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I haven’t blogged from any new states in a long time, but: I am writing from the Pheonix airport (free Wi-Fi), on my way back to Chicago.

I am not sure if I have ever flown US Airways before. In addition to everything feeling kind of dingy, a flight attendant walks down the aisle during your flight, waving a brochure for a credit card. And, water is $2. I would hate to have a flight on US Airways be the start of a vacation.


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Yay! Violet wins the Editor’s and Audience awards in the Interactive Fiction category of Casual Gameplay’s Best of 2008 awards. I also received questions today for an interview with the Society for the Preservation of Adventure Games ‘zine.

Otherwise, completely behind and overwhelmed here. So I haven’t even blogged about continuing my lamest midlife crisis ever by buying an XBox 360 last weekend.

phrases i am too old to persist in using but do anyway

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27. “Awesome!”

28. “Awesomely awesome!”

29. “Johnny Awesome and the Awesomettes!”

things i am too old to start saying now

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55. “Fail.”


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